About the Keg and Cue!

The Keg-n-Cue's fast and friendly staff is its trademark and secret to success. Its present owners purchased it from the Ridilla family in 2001 and have been improving it ever since.

Some of Our History

The Index Stage Line was the second line in the State to receive a franchise in 1910. In late 1923, William McKee and the Anderson brothers purchased three stage lines, the Monroe-Seattle Stage Line, the Index Stage Line, and the Snohomish-Three Lakes Line. The lines were consolidated and an Everett-Index run was started in addition to the Monroe-Everett run.

The stage depot moved from the Hallan Building to a new depot, the Monroe Stage Depot, at 202 South Lewis Street on October 11, 1925, shown below. The building is now the Keg-n-Cue.

Keg-n-Cue Tavern when it was the Stage Line Depot

(Photo Courtesy Monroe Historical Society)

The Tavern became the Keg-n-Cue in 1972 and has changed hands many times since. The building's rich and storied past adds to its legacy as one of Monroe, Washington's oldest and most recognized landmarks.

In 2008, we added the Cascade Mountain Range to the building. This beautiful and artistic mural was painted by local artist David Hose. You'll have to stop by and take a look in person to truly appreciate all the work and detail of the building.

Come join us for a beverage and be a part of local history.